Crafting The Life Well Lived

Motivation: The Key to Long-Term Success

Underneath it all, sustained motivation is the key to long term success. Being highly personal, I will leave the definition of success to your own devices. I usually wake up at 5 am, do my practice, yoga, meditation, reading, this is my personal self-care ritual, when...

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The Space that Precedes Judgment

Mother Teresa said “if you are judging, you have no time to love” or something like that.. Agree 100% There are multiple gurus, sources, which advocate for the non-judgment movement 100% common sense Aside from the obvious, to me Judgments is: a big dark cloud that...

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Hop On! Life is not Waiting

No matter how much kale you eat, if you feel lonely, stressed, or disconnected, your health is being compromised. This is not about leading perfect lives, much to the contrary, it is about living with integrity. To me integrity, partly, means accepting what is here...

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Seeing #metoo written all over social media had a deep impact on me but for some reason, at the time, I felt quiet inside, I couldn’t bring myself to make an open statement. Pardon my pace, I am a slow operator, I tend to take longer than the average to form an...

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